Science Under The Stars is an award-winning public lecture series organized by graduate students at the University of Texas at Austin hosted at Brackenridge Field Laboratory.

3/25/2013 (Awesome Shout-Out to SUTS and Laura Dugan from Commander Ben! ) | “Commander Ben Receives Outstanding Invasive Species Volunteer Award” | Commander Ben

9/8/2012 | “West Nile Virus Swatted At Science Under The Stars” | Commander Ben

2/28/2022 | Science Under the Stars is back with new hybrid format | University of Texas at Austin’s Biodiversity Blog

3/9/2016 | Science Under the Stars Shines Bright | University of Texas College of Natural Sciences

2010-2011 | Excellence in Outreach Award | University of Texas College of Natural Sciences

2/6/2012 | SUTS Speaker Jacob Soule | University of Texas School of Biological Sciences

11/13/2016 | “Science under the Stars lecture features lemurs” | The Daily Texan

2/8/2016 | “UT alumna to speak about spider silk’s potentials” | The Daily Texan

4/10/2015 | “Graduate student speaks about singing mice with longer, audible calls” | The Daily Texan

10/11/2013 | “UT student and Colombian native presents research on coffee” | The Daily Texan

2/15/2013 | “Science Under The Stars Valentine’s Day Lecture Covers Animal Sexuality” | The Daily Texan

10/12/2012 | “Biology Graduate Students Host Free Lecture Series For Graduate Research Presentation” | The Daily Texan

11/14/2011 | “Science Under The Stars” video | The Daily Texan

Science Under the Stars from The Daily Texan on Vimeo.

10/15/2010 | “Foreign species invade Texas Habitats.” | The Daily Texan 

2/6/2012 | SUTS Speaker Jacob Soule on They Blinded me with Science | KVRX 91.7 FM 

10/18/10, 10/25/10, 12/06/10 | They Blinded me with Science | KVRX 91.7 FM

12/09/09 | The Awkward Off | KVRX 91.7 FM

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