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Chad Smith

Race To Egg: How Sperm Competition Drives the Evolution of the Sexes.

Why do males produce so many sperm? While Charles Darwin is famous for explaining how male competition for females could lead to the evolution of male ornaments and weapons, he did not foresee that competition could continue after mating is over. In this talk we’ll explore how competition between sperm from more than one male for the fertilization of the eggs can have widespread effects on male behavior, anatomy, and of course the characteristics of the sperm itself. In addition, we now recognize females can play an important role in determining the outcome of sperm competition, and as a consequence we’ll talk about female role in this process.


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Eben Gering

Sexual conflict and female revolution in damselflies

Among the ponds of the Brackenridge Field Laboratory lurks the living evidence of a multi-million year struggle between males and females.  Find out how the battle between the sexes contributes to evolution, and why some female damselflies at Brackenridge look suspiciously like males…