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John Abbott

The Art and Science of High-speed Flash Photography

Have you ever wondered what you could see in nature by stopping the motion of a fast moving event? With high-speed flash photography, you can achieve exposures as fast as 1/50,000 sec and see exactly how a wing might be used in flight or a beetle might dive into the water. I will talk about what high-speed flash photography is and the techniques involved in carrying it out along with the implications for scientific inquiry.

Dr. John Abbott is curator of insects at the Texas Natural Science Center and is owner of John C. Abbott Nature Photography

Eric Miller

Seeing It As It Happens:  Witnessing, controlling, and understanding evolution

How do scientists discover how evolution affects a group of organisms?  By doing what scientists do best — experimenting and recording the results!  Join us as we talk about how scientists control the environment of bacteria, viruses, and insects to learn more about evolution.  We will also talk about how people use evolution to improve computers, crops, pets, and clean up the environment.