Ian Wright



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Spiders get a bad rap. But in reality they can be beautiful, helpful to humans, and hardly ever dangerous. Join UT graduate student Ian Wright as he hopes to dispel the myths about spiders, talks about the amazing diversity of spiders on this planet, and opens up their incredible world.

6 responses to “Ian Wright”

  1. sarah mccleary says :

    is this nov 14 or 15? I’m baffled

  2. Kathy Cox says :

    Is the Science Under the Stars about Spiders on November 14 or 15? You have both dates listed.

  3. Steph D says :

    Hello there. This looks fantastic, and we’d love to come. Please clarify the date, however. Is it the 14th or 15th of November? It’s listed differently here from the Fall 2013 Lineup.

    Thank you … we don’t want to miss it!

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