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Speaker Jacob Soule on the Radio!

Our Science Under the Stars speaker for this week – Jacob Soule – will be appearing on  They Blinded Me With Science radio show tonight (Feb 6th, 2012) from 8:30PM-9PM on www.kvrx.org or 91.7FM. Jacob will be talking about some of the bizarre ways that animals and plants have coevolved for pollination.

Since 2008, “They Blinded Me With Science” has been home to the best of science news and current events. Hosted by DJ’s Ganglion, Perihelion, Anticodon, Chrysalis & Cyclohexane MONDAYS on KVRX 91.7, they bring you the best of science news, taboos, don’t and do’s, along with special guests, interviews and journal reviews. They cover everything from physics to hardcore genetics, amyloid plaques, supercomputers, mutants, androids, genetic experiments gone wrong, ecological nuances, science history and even modern takes on the science of kissing!