Science Under the (Virtual?) Stars Interest Poll

Hello all and welcome to the new academic year! Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we are still unable to hold SUTS in person. However, we would like to know if there is interest in a Science Under the (Virtual) Stars this year. We are thinking of posting a pre-recorded lecture once a month (or more frequently, if there is enough interest) followed by a Q&A session with the speaker (either live or pre-recorded answering questions that are emailed/posted here). We are also thinking of posting video tours of the Brackenridge Field Lab, natural history facts, and instructions for kids activities related to the lectures on our website. Since this is Science Under the Stars, we encourage you to participate outside! (If the internet connection allows for it, of course.) Please vote in the Google poll linked here to help us gauge interest. Thank you! 🙂

One response to “Science Under the (Virtual?) Stars Interest Poll”

  1. Stephanie Putnam says :

    I would be interested, we are still not leaving the house and it is great to see nature.

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