November 18th, Ruben Tovar

The world beneath your feet: a salamander’s perspective

**Please note date change!**

Please note that for this event, both the lecture and Q&A will be live and recorded.

Living in caves can be difficult for animals. Without light and little prey, it’s easy to wonder: how do cave-adapted animals survive and thrive in such extreme habitats? Join us as we dive into the dark depths of Texas’s aquifers to explore the diverse salamanders that live under our feet. Using cutting edge techniques, we will learn how differences in Eurycea salamander development might lead to the evolution of bizarre cave characteristics, like small eyes, flattened heads, and longer limbs, and how these subterranean aliens offer a window into the health of Texas aquifer ecosystems.

Science Under the Stars has gone virtual! This semester all SUTS activities will be online, but we encourage you to participate outdoors under the stars in your backyard! (If wifi allows for it, of course.) This month’s schedule is as follows:

  • November 10th: Links to the kids activities will be posted here and on our Facebook page.
  • November 18th, 7:00pm CST: Live online lecture and Q&A with the speaker! Please note, you must have a Zoom account to access the talk. You can get a free account on Zoom’s website.

Zoom info:

Meeting ID: 999 0069 8815

Science Under the Stars is a free public outreach lecture series based in Austin, Texas.

4 responses to “November 18th, Ruben Tovar”

  1. Franklin, Steven E says :


    Just a heads-up. I think that the hyperlink in your Zoom link below (and on the SUTS page here: might be for last month’s talk. The printed link works for me, but if I actually click on it, rather than copy and paste it, it takes me to last month’s talk.


  2. Britt A. White says :

    Reblogged this on Biology of Mexican Herps and commented:
    Ruben Tovar, fellow Hillis lab researcher, will be teaching kids about his research on salamanders tonight @ 7PM CST. Join on Zoom to learn about the cave salamanders of Texas aka Mexico’s former territory 😉!

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