April 13th, Erik Iverson

How animals adapt to climate change, and how kids can help them

IMPORTANT: Daylight Savings Time Change

Our SUTS talks are now back to 8pm! Kids’ activities and the natural history table will start at 7pm, and the BFL tour will start promptly at 7:15pm.


As our planet becomes hotter and places such as Texas become drier, many people are worried about the effect on native wildlife. Current climate change impacts can be frightening, from out-of-control wildfires to mass mortality of animals. However, animals have a variety of ways they can adapt to our changing climate, from altering their behavior to changing their physiology and even evolving over time to cope. In this talk, we’ll discuss some of the mechanisms animals have for dealing with rising temperatures and explain why there is still plenty humans can do to help them, even in the face of constant pessimistic predictions.

Please join Erik Iverson at 8pm, April 13, to learn about strategies you can implement in your home or yard, and projects kids can help with, to ensure your local wildlife are going to survive and thrive even on the hottest days of the year.


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